Wunjo Weekend

Classes & Workshops

Here are our classes that we ran for 2011:

Dive into Drumming - Sue Balaschak (90 min)

Ride the wave of energy created by drumming!  Expand your connection between yourself, your drum and Mother Earth's energy.  We will discuss the spirit of the drum, drumming techniques, basic rhythms, and raising energy at drum circles. This is an introductory drumming class.  Drummers of all levels are welcome. Bring your drum and a chair.


How’d they do that? Advanced Hand Drumming - Sue Balaschak  (60 min)

Ever wonder how some drummers play such cool rhythms? Well, let me show you. This workshop will provide you with the tools and confidence to allow your own personality to speak through your drum.  We will discuss advanced drumming techniques, syncopated rhythms, dynamics, and exercises to improve your skills.  Prior drumming experience recommended. Bring your drum, a chair and your questions.


Advanced Divination Workshop - Galina Krasskova (60 min)

In this workshop shaman and diviner Galina Krasskova will explore the universal techniques inherent in the use of divination, what happens beyond the use of cards or runes, and how to better develop one’s inherent skill. She will talk about reading fate, learning how to suss out potentialities and possibilities within the flow of fate, issues the diviner should be wary of, and problems that can arise with clients. She will offer numerous techniques and suggestions for bettering one’s craft in ways that are applicable to all forms of divination.


Honoring the Ancestors: A Path to Wholeness and Healing - Galina Krasskova     (2 hrs)

The dead are our protection and our strength. They walk with us always and have a vested interest in our health, healing, and success. Learning to honor them joyously, rightly, and well is to open the door to numerous blessings and benefits both spiritually and in one’s everyday life. This workshop will explore ways of honoring the ancestors, of developing a working relationship with them, and of inviting them to participate in the blessings of one’s life. Participants will also learn methods for healing damaged ancestral threads, for elevating and strengthening hurt or angry ancestors, and for speaking for the dead of specific communities. This workshop will involve a ritual to honor the collective ancestors of those gathered.


Money, Wealth, and Personal Empowerment - Galina Krasskova (60 min)

This workshop will examine our negative and unhealthy attitudes toward money and wealth and will provide concrete ways for transforming those attitudes into ones of personal empowerment. The idea of money as a necessary, sacred tool will be examined in depth as well as ways to actively engage with and honor the spirit of money. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of effective resource management within a spiritual context. 


The Eight-Fold Path of Altered States - Galina Krasskova (90 min)

This workshop will explore eight age-old techniques, utilized across many different times and cultures, to develop spiritual receptivity and enter into altered states at well. The Eight fold path includes: prayer/meditation, ritual work, rhythm (music, chanting, dancing, drumming), ascetic practices, sacred sexuality, sacred plant work, and horsing (divine possession). These techniques are used today by shamans, spirit-workers, and sometimes just by devout Pagans and Heathens looking to make appropriate offerings to their Gods. Each will be discussed in depth along with the attendant pros and cons.


The Secret Life of A Goddess - Maryalyce Merritt (60 min)

The real story of Persephone and her journey to becoming herself.  There are no weak Gods or Goddesses, so why do we all seem to know the story of Persephone's rape?  Perhaps this was the story told by others.  Perhaps it was Demeter who didn't believe that her daughter could possess her own passion and desire her own life.  Come learn how Persephone tells her own story of becoming, finding love and passion, and how she learned to heal with both the light and darkness.


Pet Healing Session - Maryalyce Merritt (60 min)

If you've come with your dog, bring your fur kid along.  If not, bring a stuffed animal proxy, or just come & explore with us various hands-on healing techniques & how they work for our pets.  We will explore the differences between Reiki, IET, & Run Valdr among others.  We will also learn some Canine Acupressure & massage techniques. 


RunValdr Intro & Attunement- Maryalyce Merritt & Davis Sprague (2 hrs)

This is a system of energy healing using Runes andanother set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately.  (description courtesy of Tchipakkan)


Finding and Working with your Spirit Guides - Beth Washington (60 min)

In this workshop we talk about the various kinds of spirit guides that one can have, how to find them, communicate with them, and develop a working relationship with them.  The workshop will require a quiet spot to take place, as there is a guided meditation to help people find a spirit guide.

Participants should bring a chair or a blanket that they will feel comfortable meditating in/on. 


Create Your Own Sabbat Rituals - Beth Washington (60 min)

This workshop talks about how to create your own Sabbat Ritual, instead of using rituals created by others.  This will include customizing the circle ritual and calling the quarters, recognizing the significance of the holiday and how it applies to you, meditation ideas, seasonal spell work, etc.  We talk about various places of inspiration, and how to apply those to creating sabbat rituals


Introduction to Hoodoo - Oseaana Inara December (90 min)

Hoodooin' You?

Have you wondered what someone means when they say "She put a root on me!"? Have you heard the term Hoodoo and thought "They are just saying Voodoo wrong."?
Ever wonder what all those mysterious oils like "Follow Me Boy", "Firey Wall of Protection", and "D.U.M.E" are used for?

It's all Hoodoo!

This class will cover the basics of Hoodoo and Rootwork, an African-American old-time magickal system from the deep south. Topics include history and background, Hoodoo vs Voodoo, ingredients used in spellwork and the basics of Hoodoo.

There will be a  demonstration on how to dress and fix a candle for abundance/money in the traditional Hoodoo fashion. A pen and paper to take notes is encouraged.


**Spiritual Baths for Women & Women's Cleansing and Releasing Footwashing Ceremony - Oseaana Inara December (90 min)

This workshop is for women only. We will create sacred space and learn about the healing and cleansing power of spiritual baths. Recipes for spiritual baths and the various methods of taking a spiritual bath will be shared.

Spiritual baths are an important component in conjure, spellwork and ritual. Spiritual baths are also important to help us maintain balance, harmony, joy abundance and protection in our lives. Unlike your regular baths, spiritual baths are to cleanse and empower your spiritual energy. These baths are used for anything from healing to drawing money to taking off a jinx. Spiritual baths, often called washes, are not only used for the body but can also be used in cleaning rooms, floors, altars and other spaces.

We will create a Cleansing and Renewing Spiritual Bath and then women will take part in a footwashing ceremony in the old-time conjure tradition. Please come to this workshop ready to share and learn. There will be a ceremony/ritual where each woman will be offered a prayer and have her feet washed. Please bring a towel to dry your feet and shoes that are easy to get off and put on. A pen and paper to take notes is encouraged. 

**Please sign up for this special ritual with Oseaana at the Pumpkin Cottage Vending Tent so adequate supplies can be provided


Stiring the Pot- an introduction to Kitchen Witchery – Dawn Hunt (60 min)

This  Workshop explores what it means to be a "Kitchen Witch", and how to use practical spell recipes to practice your Craft in a practical and everyday way. Learn how to create a sacred space in your kitchen through rooting, meditation, and decorating the kitchen to reflect your spiritual self. Discover how to implement the innate magickal properties of various foods, herbs and spices to prepare meals with intent – nourishing the body and spirit. Finally, learn the magickal properties of harvest-tide foods and how to use them in seasonal recipes.


Recipes for Romance - Dawn Hunt (60 min) 

Join renowned 'Kitchen Witch' and author of the Cucina Aurora Cookbook, Dawn Hunt, as she reveals how to add zest to your love life in this very special workshop. An old adage suggests that the way to a partner's heart is through their stomach, and when you welcome Aphrodite and Eros into your kitchen, you'll imbue your meals with love and intent. Learn what foods will attract a lover, spice up a marriage, and enhance your own sensual powers. Set the dinner table as a stage for romance with foods that charge the libido and spices that fire passion... Discover the aphrodisiac properties inherent in readily available herbs and foods and how to realize meals with purposeful intent.

Wortcunning Workshop - Luna of Heathermoon Enchantments (60 min)

Wortcunning or Herbal Magick has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. An Anglo-Saxon term wortcunning means a knowledgeable use of the medicinal and occult properties of plants (wort) and was applied to herbalists.  The term cunning-man or woman was applied to white witches, who practiced simple spells using herbs. This class will look at how to enchant and use herbs magickally. As well as planetary & element correspondences and Goddess & God associations with herbs. There will be a demonstration on how to make use wortcunning by use of a magickal mojo.  Class members will be able to make their own mojo as well.


Manifesting with the Saints: A Saint Magick Workshop - Luna of Heathermoon Enchantments (30 min)

Learn how to petition the Saints to intercede on your behalf. You do not have to be Christian to use their guidance to enhance your daily life. We will look at different Saints and how they are used ritually to manifest change in one’s life.  There will be a demonstration on how to perform a novena to a saint and how to set a candle for a saint. As well as a discussion of resources of Saint Magick and Prayers.


Twin Flame Activation – Andrea Brenton & Lester Greenwood (Two 2 hr classes)

Biologists have discovered that the genetic code that is responsible for the wings of a butterfly is also the exact same gene code responsible for the beating of the human heart. The Thymus gland, located just above the heart, is shaped like a butterfly. Imaginal cells, the cells that help transform the caterpillar into a butterfly, are also found within the human heart.

What an amazing thing the Heart is!

Whether you are in a relationship at this time, or not, the information and tools that you will gather in this seminar, will bring you to a new Awareness and Understanding of the Twin Flame. We will be addressing the Healing that starts from within, for healthier personal relationships (with the Self, and others). At the end of the class we will have a guided meditation and activation.

This seminar will be co-presented by Andrea Brenton (Woman Who Walks Through Spirit) and Lester Greenwood (Seven Star). You will be receiving input from both the Male and Female perspectives of the Twin Flame concept.  There will be handouts available.

Day 1 will address what a Twin Flame is, and how we view relationships.  We will discuss polarities, and the Chakra system.  We will begin to work with finding Balance. 

Day 2 we will continue discussing Balance.  You will learn tools for balancing and centering.  The workshop will end with a guided meditation to activate the Twin Flame within.

If you are unable to attend both sessions, please be sure to see us at the beginning of the weekend, and we can work out how you can get all of the information.  Handouts will be available. http://www.divinecreativeinspirations.com/


Dream a Little Dream... – Catherine Kane (60 min)

For most of us, the first place that psychic ability surfaces is in our dreams. While not all dreams are psychic, insight gained through our dreams can help us solve problems, gain insight into ourselves and others, and even access our sixth sense. Learn a simple and practical method of interpreting your own dreams.


Adventures in Palmistry:  The Adventure Begins – Catherine Kane (90 min)

Your destiny is in your hands... and you can have a hand in your destiny! In the ancient art of palmistry, the signs in your hands show the key points of past, present and future, revealing love, adventure, adversity, opportunity, your talents and needs. As you change the direction of your life, your palm shifts to reflect that new path. Reading palms can empower and enlighten you, giving you the knowledge you need to chose the best path for your life and help other people to chose their best lives as well. And it can be a lot of fun. This class is easy and fun, is designed for all levels of experience, and will give you practical skills you can use immediately.


Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning - Starwolf (60 min)

The real defense against the Dark Arts...


Wyrd Science:  Into the Toy Chest - Starwolf (60 min)

Technology and Magick- together at last! Learn about devices to clear negative energy, support your body's ability to heal, focus energy, make you less conspicuous, protect your energy field, and do other interesting things. History and how-to.


Mysteries of the Ancient Sumerians and Ancient Egyptian/Nubians - Amethyst Runningwater (60 min)

Do you every wonder why Subaru is one of the most popular cars of today?  Well, there is a both a mundane and a Spiritual reason….Or should we say the Spiritual created the mundane explanation?  There is a remarkable absence of information concerning Modern connections to our Ancient pasts.  In school, where society’s role is to supplement parental learning, no obligatory mention is made of the most basic elements of our lives, like why we begin our year in January? 

Theories and evidence abounds concerning our connections to other “star” systems……This session will discuss many of these connections to systems like the Sirius, Orion and Pleiades constellations and what the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Nubians knew to be their truths.  Astounding physical evidence abounds…

This session should also leave you wondering why we are not made more aware of our direct links to the stars and how you may begin to attune yourself more to the signs………


The Crystal Spectrum:  Powerful Healing Qualities of Gaia’s Gift to Us - Amethyst Runningwater (60 min)

This session will provide insight into the Spiritual, Healing and Protective Powers of Crystals.  Altar Designs using Crystal Power, for various intentions, will be illustrated.  Suggestions for creating your own altars will be provided.  Connections between Color vibrations and Crystals will also be discussed to enhance the energy raising of your intentions.  The creation of personalized Mojo Bags with Cleansed and Energized Crystals will also be made.  Spiritual Bundles for Safety, Protection, Love, and Cleansing will be some of the creation options.


Discovering Your Life’s Path-A Shaman’s Journey - Thomas Kendall (Two 90 min classes)

In this class we will contact our spirit guide that assist in all parts of our lives. We will discover that they are there for in every part of our lives.  We will learn how to tap into the teachings and guidance of our spirit guides, so that we can find peace and beauty in our lives.  Bring a blanket, a comfortable chair, drums, rattle and eye covering for the journeys. This class will be offered in 2 parts, each covering different material.




Wunjo Warrior Workshop - Patrick (60 min)

In this workshop we will discuss the Rune Wunjo, meaning Joy, and how to effectively bring it’s power into our lives.  We will make our own small personal Wunjo Rune and we will add our names to the Big Wunjo Rune.  You may also join the Wunjo Warrior Society.  After taking the Wunjo Warrior pledge you will be given the “secret” handshake and shown our very own gang sign!


Odin:  All-Father, Grimnir, Svafnir, Bolverk, Hroptr.. - Patrick (90 min)

Odin……to some this name may bring to mind a raging war-God, to others an almost Gandalf like wizard, to others, a crafty one-eyed con artist….which is He? None?  All?

Many are His names, many are His faces….Do you dare to know Him?  Join us as we try and get to know this enigmatic God, learn what drives Him. Ascertain what great gifts He may bring to us and, as gift ever looks for gift, what He would want in return. 

Poet.....Come, maybe  to understand the fire in your mind.

Warrior…Come, maybe to be worthy of Valhalla one day.

Seeker….Come, learn what you may from the Much Wise One. 


Elements of Circle Casting - Ella LaRose (2 hrs)

Ever wonder how to cast a circle, what energy feels like, why we call elements? In this class you will learn the basics of circle casting, why we ground, what order to call and invoke, what the energy feels like in a circle and why understanding the fundamentals of circle casting is so important and often missed in teaching magic. This class will be taught in a very open, question friendly manner, telling many different ways things are done in different magical traditions, and helping to give you the confidence to create sacred magical space in the way that feels best to you. Bring laughter, fun, and curiosity to our class and we will share likewise!


Chant Creation - Ella LaRose (2 hrs)

I am a singer and a songwritter who has been making my own sacred chants for 6 years now. Often when I share a peice of music I have created I hear others say how they wish they could write songs, or how they could never make their own chant. Chant creation is a simple process of connecting within, embracing mistakes, and growing your own personal muse.

In my basic chant creation class I will talk about my personal creative process and then share some fool proof ways to side step your inner critic allowing you the sacred space to create your own magical music.


Wish Magic - Ella LaRose (60 min)

We have been taught wish magic ever since we could blow a candle out on our birthday cakes. But has anyone ever taught us why the combination of breath and candle equal a wish? In this class you will learn the wish magic that permeates our society, from birthday cakes, to falling stars, and the reasons behind them. You will leave with some new ways of making wishes, such as sigil craft and ocean magic. No supplies needed, just a belief that wishes can come true and to be careful what you wish for!


Care and Feeding of Magickal Tools - Mike Dolan (2 hours)

This workshop fully covers every aspect of the physical representations we use in our practice. We will cover the four essential magickal tools and several others, including a few you may never have thought of!

Topics range from why we need tools to the debate over buying vs. making them yourself. We'll cover the process of designing and creating an object, how to cleanse and consecrate your tools, and end with some practical solutions for preserving and caring for wood, metal, stone, leather, and other common materials.



Engaging the Shadow - Davis Sprague(2 hours)

Carl Gustav Jung said “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  In this class we will discuss just what the shadow is and experiment with some techniques to stalk our own unknown, unconscious and darker sides with the goal of creating a greater unified self.  This class is taught as a ritual in a container that we will cast together and will include guided visualization, games, some didactics, some energy movement and a lot of experiential techniques to help us begin the quest to find our own dark lover/sister-brother/self.

An Introduction to Aromatherapy and its Magical Applications - Rhianna Mirabello (90 min) 

The timeless art of aromatherapy, a truly holistic therapy, affecting mind, body and spirit.  A powerful healing tool that can be easily incorporated into daily living  Come and learn about essential oils – that heart and soul of each plant.  I will share with you the basic science of aromatherapy and how to incorporate essential oils into all your magical workings.


The Laws of Attraction: Manifesting your hearts desire with New Moon Magic - Rhianna Mirabello (90 min)

New moon magic is about attracting to you that which you desire.  Learn how to fine tune your way of thinking and your wording regarding what it is you truly want in your life and rid yourself of the blocks that keep you from it.  By applying the basic laws of attraction, you can bring yourself into full alignment with your vision.  Please bring a pen, paper, your highest vision for yourself and all your doubts.

Pathways to the Goddess - Tricia Szirom
Thousands of people across the western world are tuning into the messages of the Divine Feminine in fact it is the fastest growing spiritual movement in the West. What has created this interest and what are the various paths that people walk to find the Goddess. Women in particular are turning from traditional religion to new ways of expressing their spirituality. From churches, pagan groups, feminist study and earth based groups the paths converge. Drawing on her experiences in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US. Tricia will talk about this amazing and wonderful community and share some of the depth on new wisdom available today. 

Beginning Poi Spinning - Zay and Allie (60 min)

Are you interested in learning to spin fire?  Poi dancing originated with the Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand), and has evolved into many forms that capture the imagination as well as train the practictioners in agility and coordination, strength and grace.  Poi come in many forms, including fire poi, a variation born in the fiery landscape of Hawaii and rarely seen on the East Coast until recently.  In this workshop, Zay and Allie will teach some of the basic moves using "sock poi", foxtail-like colorful fabric poi that are safe for beginners. 


We apologize that the following classes have been cancelled.   

The Celtic Otherworld - Morgan Daimler (cancelled, sorry)

Druid Magic - Morgan Daimler (cancelled, sorry)

African Origins of Global Faerie Traditions-Imakhu (cancelled, sorry)

Renegade Wise Woman Bellydance ™ - Imakhu (cancelled, sorry)

Introduction to Astrology - Aspen Rayn (cancelled, sorry)

Ogham Workshop - Aspen Rayn (cancelled, sorry)